Shadow, cloud and rotten horizon

Shadow, cloud and rotten horizon - ©Silvia Ganora - All rights reserved.

I’ve recently abandoned my Nikon d90 and opted for a Panasonic Lumix lx7, a nifty little compact camera with a bright F1.4 lens and interesting macro capabilities. I got somehow bored of carrying the bulky Nikon with me since my partner’s health problems have forced us to shorter and less frequent walks. I’m also prone to getting tired more easily, so a compact camera revealed to be a welcome change and a way not to give up photography.

I found I love to shoot decayed walls and rotten, rusty doors, as well as graffiti and peeling paint. Sometimes, as it’s the case with this image, I let run my imagination freely and come up with a cool title 😉

Have a great start of the week everyone!

To buy a print/card just click on the image. Thanks!


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